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328 Pages, 220 Photos
Hardbound, 5 1/2" x 7 1/2", $55.00
Foreword by Dr. Ken Krenzel
The “Any Card at Any Number” plot is one of the premier and most complex plots in all of card magic. Every aspect of this plot intrigues me. I was naturally drawn to it, much like I was drawn to the “Barehanded Matrix” plot.
Contributors include…

Dr. Ken Krenzel
Allan Ackerman
Barrie Richardson
Banachek and Luke Jermay
Martin Joyal
Joshua Jay
Tony Miller
Paul Cummins
Mike Powers
Jason Dean
Both are simple in concept, intricate in method, and absolutely astonishing in performance. Inside of these pages you will find what I believe to be the most amazing presentations and methods to the “Any card at any number” plot ever offered to the magic community.

Not only will you enjoy my original methods, but also the best methods from some of magic’s most influential minds. And this is only the beginning… I begin this journey with a thirty three page essay on creativity, in which I offer a systematic approach to creativity and the expression of one’s self through the magical arts. I then exemplify this approach as I offer full descriptions of my most guarded solutions to the “Any Card at Any Number” plot, as well as contributed methods that have had a major impact on this plot (some famous and some never-before-published). These solutions include every possible venue and skill level…from impromptu and close-up with a borrowed deck to much more intricate and prepared stage presentations where the performer never even touches the cards!

At the end of the book you will find over 40 other sources cited to serve as a reference point for anyone interested in the “Any card at any number” or “Card at any number” plots. As you page through this work, you will soon find that I have included many other systems, techniques, and routines that do not deal with the “Any card at any number” plot. If you are looking for a compilation of “sleighty” routines and moves, this is not the book for you. However, if you are interested in routines and systems that look like real magic…constructed with clever principles designed to fool and entertain the layperson and the fellow magi alike…welcome.

Recent Reviews

"Meant To Be... is an EXCELLENT BOOK" - Michael Close (Genii Magazine Product Review)

"I'm pleased to report that the book is excellent. The skinny is this: if you are interested in performing Any Card at Any Number - in any of its myriad forms - then you should own Meant To Be."
- Jason England ( Magic Magazine Product Review)

"Highly recommended for the serious card man." - Phil Willmarth (Linking Ring Product Review)

"This shows what can be done when one takes their time and digs deeply. His excellent treatise has now swung open the doors (of perception) widely...This subject-plot has yet to be completely mined. I highly recommend checking this one out. The bar has been raised..." - Jon Racherbaumer

"John Born's version of Any Card At Any Number fooled everyone I spoke to at FFFF. Meant To Be is a book full of workable, practical and original methods for this classic plot. However, this is not merely a book of secrets. It is also a fascinating insight into how John's mind works and how he approaches his craft. The essays are written by a man who cares about using magic to create art. I have become a better magician for reading this book. I am sure you will too." - Nick Einhorn

"Probably the book of the year! How's that for a prediction. It's INCREDIBLY good - worth every penny." Tony Miller - Channel One Magazine

"I was lucky to be present when John performed some of his material from Meant To Be and he literally kicked ass and took names--including mine. I found John's superb book (though dedicated to "Any Card at any Number" plot) to be a wonderful read. I was delighted (but not surprised) when I discovered that Meant To Be was chocked full of creative, powerful routines, and solid advice. Everything that John Born does is first class--including Meant To Be. I highly recommend it--it's a must read. - Tom Gagnon

"One thing John and I share is a love of magic that seems truly IMPOSSIBLE. This is the stuff that leaves everyone scratching their heads and talking about it for days after witnessing it. John won the close up contest at the MagiFest on the strength of one of his Any Card at Any Number routines. This routine was also a tremendous hit at FFFF this year. It was one of the items that was talked about throughout the convention since it just seemed totally impossible. I will leave you with three words of advice - get this book!" - Mike Powers

"This is exactly what ACAN should look like...the most clean and direct handling I have ever read. It was nice to see so many magicians fooled so badly. John has really put a lot of thought into this plot and shares many ideas on how to take this effect to the next level. If my copy of Meant To Be... was the only one in existence I would be one lucky guy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" - Cody Fisher

"I read your book three times. I was stimulated by your ideas on creativity and what real magic looks like and feels like to the audience. What a fascinating book it is..." - Barrie Richardson

"John Born's Card at Any Number effect that he performed at the 2006 FFFF convention was almost TOO CLEAN TO BE BELIEVED!!!" - David Regal

"Once again I wanted to thank you for your kindness. What a brilliant collection of methods and ideas for ACAAN." - Banachek

"No one will look at that plot more thoroughly, more professionally, than Born does in a book best described as perfection. Hands down, this is a book that is a must for anyone who has been even moderately curious about performing 'Any card at any number'. It's too great a work to pass up." - Shane (Online-visions.com Product Review)

"In an age when a plethora of DVDs saturate the market, John chose to write a superb book. It is informative, well written and deals not just with the ACAAN effect, but various performance topics. His versions involve the type of approach to magic that I love: doing all the sneaky stuff before anyone thinks you've started doing sneaky stuff. I'd highly recommend John's book to anyone interested in the 'Any Card at Any Number' plot." - Jon Allen

"A must have for sure! I saw John perform one of his fantastic versions at the Motor City Close up Convention last year and he killed everyone. Get it or be fooled!" - Nathan Kranzo

"his is some of the most brilliant thinking I have ever read. By far the best method for the Any Card At Any Number plot I have ever encountered. I, like Cody Fisher, collect methods for this effect. This is the best I have ever read. Thank you for sharing this wonderful work. This IS the real work." - Karl Miller