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Live Entertainment (Adults)
(Corporate Events, Fundraisers, and Private Celebrations)

Whether your event requires strolling entertainment or his feature show for everyone to enjoy, John B. Born is happy to work with you as a team to discern what options are best for your event.

Elegant Sleight-of-Hand Artistry Strolling Entertainment

John Born has been featured all over the world for his innovations in sleight-of-hand and psychological performance. This is the perfect way to add atmosphere for events where a set show would not be appropriate, including banquet dinners, fundraisers, wedding receptions, after proms, bar/bat mitzvahs, as well as hospitality suites and private house parties where guests are coming and going. In this package the entertainment is seamlessly integrated into your event as John entertains individuals in small groups. The Elegant Sleight-of-Hand package features a combination of several arts, including theatrical mindreading, world-class sleight-of-hand demonstrations, pickpocketing, contact juggling, and street cons (such as the three shell game and demonstrations of cheating at cards). This is the perfect opportunity to see a world-class magical artiste at play.

Have a larger event? John has hand-selected a team of strolling magicians that come together to create the ultimate magical experience for your event.

Theater of the Mind Feature Appearance

Elegant. Sophisticated. Absolutely incredible. Whether you are hosting 5 or 500, a formal demonstration from John Born will always leave your guests completely mystified and entertained. Professionally directed and choreographed, John integrates music and one-of-a-kind cognitive mysteries that will charm and baffle even the most astute audience. This act was designed as an event planner's dream...everything is self-contained including full music/wireless microphone systems, backdrops, and projector systems if needed. Since most events have different needs, several options are available with respect to venue, audience size, and length of show. 

Miracles & Mindgames Exclusive Theatrical Experience

John’s premier mind-blowing experience designed for the discerning audience that has seen it all. You will be charmed with an evening of innovative theatrical mind reading, insane predictions, skillful sleight-of-hand miracles, and gambling demonstrations based on his book Cheating at Texas Hold’em. Though this presentation is usually a ticketed event, you can now inquire to find out how to feature Miracles and Mindgames for your esteemed guests and clients.

Isolation - The Online Experience Virtual Entertainment

What happens when you combine a world-champion mentalist/magician with top-of-the line technology? An incredible opportunity to share a mind-blowing experience with clients/friends from all over the world. Impossible predictions, mesmerizing magical moments, and insane gambling demonstrations.

This is not "a magician" performing at a webcam - John Born's full-time, dedicated Isolation studio features top-of-the-line studio equipment (multiple dslr cameras, top of the line lenses, professional lighting, professional sound, all integrated into multiple computers with streaming software and footpetals for seamless camera angle transitions and scene changes). A one-of-akind experience where everyone has a front seat!