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Trade Shows

A trade show is an extremely competitive environment. Thousands of vendors contend to maintain the attention of possible clients. How can your company stand out? Let's face it... in this environment, no draw means no people. No people means no results.

The strongest draw in a trade show booth is NOT simple representation (having a booth)... it is product demonstration!!! There are two types of products at a trade show:

1) Products that can be actively demonstrated.

2) Products that cannot be actively demonstrated.

Let's assume you have a great product that sells itself through demonstration. Don't you want as many people as possible to see this demonstration? The impact of a live demonstration can be amplified ten fold through the use of an engaging, entertaining presentation. On the other hand, what if your product cannot be demonstrated? How can you communicate your message to potential clients? Employees are trained to be efficient at representing and selling your product. However, the MOST important element in the trade show environment is engaging and maintaining the attention of those attending long enough to make the contact or sell.

John B. Born will engage and maintain groups of potential clients with astonishing customized presentations that feature the selling points of your company and your product.

By hiring a professional trained in crowd management and customized product demonstration, your employees are allowed to do what they are good at... sell your product and establish new contacts. Make the most out of your next trade show. Amplify your results and your opportunities. Feature John B. Born.

Recent client testimonial (from the 2021 Las Vegas Re:Invent conference):